The Damages of an Oversaturated Market and Low-quality Content

Because creating content nowadays is so easy it seems that every ten and thirty-five year old with a camera and laptop is making YouTube videos. I find that this results in an oversaturated market with low-quality content. As someone who feels that quality over quantity is important, I find this distressful. I find it damaging that there are so many videos to watch- none of which may actually help us in our daily lives. There are a few exceptions such as Soul Pancake and School of Life, however, a majority of popular videos online are simply, in my opinion, a waste of time. And now we have many people trying to become successful by doing the exact same things online: Challenge videos; couple vlogs; and gaming videos the like.

This reminds me of an interview J. Cole had in which he stated that we as human beings should show our appreciation to those who improve our lives by then creating something new and better. But instead, we are all trying to make a profit by doing the exact same thing. We fill the world with unneeded content in hope of becoming popular. This, in my opinion, is wrong (says the girl who made a ten facts about me video and is debating doing YouTube herself). I’ve wanted to be a content creator for a while now, but I’m realizing that this is just not useful unless I come up with content that no one else has ever done before and I can add something new and helpful to the market. This is much like my desire to start a fashion line.

I know so many people in university and college starting fashion lines/brands and it’s to the point that if I were to make one too, it would get lost in this oversaturated market of local fashion brands in Toronto. However, I had a business idea that was within the same realm and would help give me an advantage in this oversaturated market. I would start a department store – or more likely a boutique- of local brands in Toronto. Preferably of brands that have sustainable clothing. This would help give a platform to creators and help sort out this oversaturated market. Maybe one day I’ll have enough money to start this- or perhaps someone else will do it first. Either way, as long as this store comes into existence I will be happy. Perhaps someone reading this will steal my idea…perhaps I should not have shared what I deem to be such a great idea. And I honestly wouldn’t share it if I felt that I had the resources to execute it myself, however, I do not think that is the case. And thus, here we are.

I hope to make YouTube videos soon that I find are new and insightful. Videos that offer quality within this oversaturated market. Or maybe I won’t. Perhaps I’ll find another path for myself. Maybe I need to find a road less traveled. Because boy is the path of becoming YouTube famous wide and covered in thousands of footsteps.

I hope you liked giving this article a read. If you have any thoughts to share do so in the comments! I’d love to interact with you and share ideas.

Until next time,


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