Stay Bumble: Why I find dating apps distasteful and why I also created my own profile

Recently I read a blog post from the Katy Project in which Katy discusses her interest in looking towards dating apps to find relationships. I always found dating apps distasteful. Especially those that are based on one’s appearance. But Katy’s blog post made these apps seem appealing. And so, I tried Bumble. And within one day I have already given up on it. The app offers a two hundred something character word limit on an “about me” section and reveals the most listened to artists on Spotify. Surprisingly there are a lot o Kendrick fans. Thus the title “Stay Bumble.” Hahaha, get it? Me neither.

After creating a profile on Bumble I already regret the decision. It seems like most guys are mainly looking for a hook-up, nothing serious, or are desperate. And if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sure dating apps are right for you. I tried to loosen up and chat with people on the app and haven’t even lasted an hour. It just doesn’t feel right. And I may just leave my last and only chat opened on Bumble unanswered mid-conversation because why not.

Honestly, I’m still torn up and not over my last relationship.  I need to collect myself and become alive on my own without looking to other people for happiness. Cliche, right? Well, I still think that’s what needs to happen. Maybe I’ll do a story time about my drama one day when it no longer has a negative hold on me.

The verdict: use dating apps if you want to hook-up. And I would not recommend you meet people just to hook-up. I have discovered that the type of people on dating apps are not necessarily the type of people for me. And with time I will find the right person for me. Or not. I’m not sure if it would be a total loss to stay single. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what exactly it is that I want.

Until next time,


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