Being Happier via Scheduling

There used to be a time where I could watch Netflix videos all day and yet feel totally satisfied with my life choices. This was the high school me. Now I am getting to a time where I actually value how I spend my time. Watching YouTube videos all day and not working out is extremely dissatisfying to me now. Setting up a schedule to wake up early and exercise, go to bed early, do some cleaning, write some blog posts, and all these things actually please me in some strange way. I like knowing what to do and getting stuff done.

ThisΒ morning I woke up at 6 am and exercised and wrote up this blog post. It isn’t even 7 am and I have accomplished quite a bit. And I feel great. These little decisions we make daily regarding when we go to bed, when we wake up, and what we choose to do when we wake up actually have a profound impact. I would urge you not to neglect these things as I have in order to become more successful and happy. We have the power to build and schedule our lives and yet we abuse this power by using it in the most nonproductive way- or at least I do- or did.

Happy Scheduling,


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